Calling all Teachers! We Invite Your School to Join the Competition.

How to Participate

Oxford Big Read Asia celebrates literacy by encouraging reading and extending the enjoyment of favorite books by offering students a campaign with awards and prizes. Students select a book of their choice from a list provided, complete a project according to one of three age-specific categories, and submit their project through their school or institution.

Oxford Big Read Asia provides an opportunity for teachers to engage students in reading through a local and regional competition. Details on how schools and institutions can participate are available through local participating Oxford University Press branch offices. Register your interest to learn more.

Oxford Big Read Asia is sponsored by Oxford University Press. Oxford University Press (OUP) is a department of the University of Oxford. It has been at the forefront of efforts to promote literacy, reading and writing in learners of all ages. OUP’s best-in-class learning and reading resources, both print and digital, are loved by millions of learners around the world.

Oxford University Press publishes Dragonfly Readers and Oxford Reading Buddy regionally, as well as many local titles throughout Asia. To learn more, see

There are two levels of the competition: a country-wide campaign in participating countries through participating local OUP branch offices, and a regional campaign across all participating countries. All winners of the local branch campaign will be submitted to the regional competition as semi-finalists. The regional campaign will then select one winner and one runner-up in each category of the regional campaign.

Oxford University Press ran the first Oxford Big Read Asia campaign in 2018/2019 through the following participating OUP branches: China, India, Malaysia, and Pakistan.

Students were able to participate in one of three categories, each with criteria for judging.


The Oxford Big Read Asia campaign will kick off in 2020/2021 according to the timeline for the participating OUP branch office. To get more information, register your interest.

All student submissions must be submitted through participating schools. Schools interested in participating can register their interest or speak to a sales representative at a local OUP branch office.

Participating in the Oxford Big Read campaign provides schools with an exciting opportunity they can offer students. Students can be inspired by a book, read, and write about it. By creating submissions students think more deeply about the book and the story elements and produce their own unique writing in the process, developing valuable 21st century skills.

The opportunity to submit projects and compete with other students for valuable prizes can foster courage in sharing one’s work with a broader community and confidence in oneself. Winners receive recognition for their efforts and the school, in turn, also earns recognition.

Prizes are selected by the OUP branches and will be announced at the time the local winners are announced. Regional prizes are announced when the regional campaign concludes in May/June of the following year.

In the 2019/2020 campaign, there were twodistinct levels of prizes and awards for each category of winner. Access the Prizes page to read more about the awards & prizes.

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